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Eastern Sectionals Junior Ladies FS

Zsa Zsa Riordan: multi-colored red, aqua, & navy sleeveless dress. 3s. 2x. nice flow on landings.2flutz-2t-2t. flying camel with change of edge-donut-cannonball sit-upright. 2flip. 2z2t. butterfly to back
sit-pancake-crouching, kind of slow. inside to outside spiral, then into a Biellmann position. back spiral w/catchfoot. 2f-2t. footwork with speed and good ice coverage. 2f. back camel-donut-back sit-upright-cannonball sit slow.

Rebecca Stern: purple with long purple mesh sleeves. 3z- great! 3lp-2t. footwork with speed. 2f. camel with change of edge (4)- sit fast with change edge-upright- back camel, slowed down-back pancake- back upright. change edge catchfoot spiral to regular position. back catchfoot spiral. 3loop. layback (18). spread eagle to 2t. footwork to bombastic music. “Zorba the Greek”? 2f-2t-2lp. 2x fall. flying back sit change edge-pancake.


Kaela Pflumm: periwinkle camisole dress. 3z fall. Music that Ina/Zimmerman had a long program to. 2t2t. 2lp2t. 2f. fbs to pancake, fast. “Romance.” 2s. spread eagle. nice 2f2t2lp. forward inside to outside spiral, then catches foot. back spiral in catchfoot position. 2x fall. camel to change edge (5)- crouching- back sit- back Y- back upright. straightline footwork. layback to catchfoot.

Brittney Perna: black sleeveless with red design around the waist. they played the wrong music. 2x tap 2x. flying sit, low position, to cannonball-crouching, nice positions. 2f, then didn't get up into second jump. popped salchow. 2lp-2lp fall. back camel back sit- back supright- camel low sit broken leg- slow layback with straight free leg. Tango de Roxanne again- everyone likes this. footwork. axel. 2f. flying camel, great position (7)-back upright-sit cannonball-layback to catchfoot, started fast then slowed down. forward inside to outside spiral with low free leg. back catchfoot spiral. 2t. footwork with good speed. ends right after footwork and her finger's bleeding.

Amanda Gordon: yellow halter dress. big 2x, hop, 2x. 3s. "Istanbul, Constantinople." 2s. camel with change of edge(5)- sit, fast-A- back sit pancake-back scratch. fbs to pancake (10) slowed down. inside to outside spiral to catchfoot. back catchfoot spiral. footwork. knee slide. little stag jump, etc., nice choreo. 2f2t. big 2x, slight tilt forward. pops lutz. 2f2t. flying back sit to pancake with arms up behind- forward crouching.

Emily Young: navy sleeveless mesh with burnt sienna underneath. Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto No. 2. Ina Bauer to big 2x. 2x hand down. spread eagle. 3s. 3t fall. Layback to catchfoot and Biellmann (21), nice positions. ce catchfoot spiral with speed to regular high position. back spiral in Y position. 3s fall. pops lutz. flying sit to cannonball, slowed a little. footwork with speed but she facially looked pooped. 2x fall. camel with change of edge (6)- cannonball sit-back sit-backscratch. pops loop to the ending. Nice basic skating skills, obviously disappointed with the performance.

Sabrina Logren: red camisole. 3t. 3lp stumbles out. catchfoot pose. nice 2x. layback catchfoot Biellmann (17) slowed down. 2x2t 2footed. butterfly back sit pancake to back upright. 3s not enough height, fell. 2x stumbled out, again not enough height. "Strictly Ballroom." change edge spiral in catchfoot, then back Y. 2f2lp2lp. footwork.stars t camel ce sit layback catchfoot-back pancake back scratch.

Madeline Wunder: Phantom of the Opera. big 2x, slight tilt on landing. big 2s. 2lp. big axel. footwork. layback to catchfoot (15). makes hand gestures with her gloves at the judges. big single lutz. change edge spiral in catchfoot to regular high position. back spiral in Y position. big flying sit to broken leg, nice speed. big 2x fall. 2t2t. back camel back pancake-catchfoot layback, ends after music.

Brittney Rizo: Malaguena. 3lp. 3t fall. 2f. 2x turned out of landing. 3s. 2t. 3s2t. nice spin positions.

Erika Choi Smith: 3s slightly 2footed. 2t. 2x two-footed, stumbled out of landing. 2x. 2f turned out of landing-2t landed forward. 2lp tilted. axel. nice posture and style.

Jane Ruan: red camisole with gold designs. Concerto de Aranjuez. 3z! 3f. 3lp. 3s. camel with change of edge(6)-sit-cannonball-back sit-back Y spin. footwork. change edge spiral in Biellmann position to regular position. 3s2t. 2lp. 2x. Her footwork has great flow. flying camel with a little wobble at the beginning- forward cannonball sit spin. Layback with catchfoot. She should be the winner.

Anastasiya Kononenko: yellow short sleeved dress. 2x. 3z badly two footed, fall. 3f 2-footed. 3lp slightly 2 footed. 2f2lp. hesitates to 2x2t2lp. 2z2lp.

Masha Leonov: aqua long-sleeved. 3f two-footed. 3t. 3s2t. 2s. walley to 3t slightly two-footed-2t. nice spin positions.


1. Ruan 127.94 2 1
2. Rizo 127.21 1 2
3. Leonov 103.96 3 4
4. Stern 101.16 11 3
5. Smith 101.10 4 7
6. Logren 97.99 6 6
7. Gordon 97.98 7 5
8. Kononenko 93.51 5 9
9. Riordan 92.06 10 8
10. Pflumm 84.16 12 10
11. Young 83.12 8 12
12. Perna 78.69 13 11
13. Wunder 76.91 9 13


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