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Eastern Sectionals Ladies SP

In order of skating:

Jane Bugaeva: black and white dress with gold sequins. hydroblading. 2axel. Layback to Biellmann (18). perfect 3f. 3t hand down-2t. flying sit-A-back donut-back sit-back scrath. footwork nicely choreographed to the music. flying back sit with change edge-pancake, fast. forward outside to inside spiral with catchfoot positions.

Katrina Hacker: white long-sleeved dress with white mesh. "Love Story." 3t2t. 3lp. 2axel. layback to catchfoot to Biellmann (21) fast. footwork. flying back sit to cannonball (18), nice low position. change edge spiral with high leg positions. back spiral in Biellmann. camel(8)- cannonball sit-back sit with change of edge-back Y with leg up high, fast with great positions.


Stephanie Roth: black sleeveless unitard with X-back. big 3toe. 3s2t. stars flying camel with change of edge, held a long time but slowed down. 2axel, low landing but held on. footwork to exciting electric guitar-percussion music. lifts left leg up high. lifts right leg up high and releases to high slow forward spiral. back camel change edge-back spin-back Y, slow- forward sit to crouching slow. Layback (15) with straight leg position, needs more speed but good positions.

Elizabeth Stern: skimpy royal blue and gold outfit with nude midriff. Middle Eastern theme. 2x. 3s fall. flying back sit to cannonball-pancake, slow. spread eagle. 3lp two-footed & almost fell but hung on. change edge spiral in hand-assisted bent leg position. lifts left leg up high going back wards. Layback with catchfoot(18). footwork. back camel with change edge(8)-back sit- grabs left leg up- sit-broken leg sit-catchfoot layback w/good speed.

Lisa Yee: pink & hot pink camisole dress. "Don't Cry for Me Argentina." Same cuts that Nicole Bobek used in her Evita program. 2x fall. change edge spiral in catchfoot position. back spiral in Y position. 3s2t. camel (2)- sit(2)- Layback-back camel(2)-back sit- grabs left leg up, positions not held long. big split jump, 2flip. footwork needs speed. flying sit to cannonball position-crouching (11). Ina Bauer. Layback to catchfoot, slow.

Juliana Cannarozzo: sparkly long-sleeved burnt orange dress with high mock collar. 3f fall. fbsit to pancake-crouching fast. 3lp fall. back camel- back sit-layback catchfoot. forward change edge spiral to catchfoot position- lifts left leg up high with hand going backwards. 2axel to cheers. footwork with pizazz. Layback to catchfoot (17) fast. Music is "Sleepwalk," which I remember fondly from "Back to the Future." Good showmanship, too bad about the jumps.

Jessica Houston: black halter dress with silver sequins. Tango de Roxanne- everyone loves this music now. 3flip to cheers. 3loop-2t. flying back sit- cannonball-pancake, slowed down. forward inside to outside spiral to catchfoot. lifts left leg up high in back spiral. 2axel, slightly 2footed. flying camel to back sit-A-upright, needs more speed. footwork with more screaming from the audience. Layback (17). She looks a foot taller than how I remembered her from nationals in 2004; great job on the jumps. Her spins have nice positions but need to be a lot faster, like Juliana's. Jason Wong assists her.

Jamie Kim: lilac sleeveless dress witch chiffon bits. 3s2t. 3toe to applause. flying sit cannon(10). 2axel , cheers. Layback to catchfoot Biellmann(20+). change edge spiral in great Biellmann position to forward Charlotte. back spiral in high Y position. footwork. Rhapsody in Blue variation. camel with change edge(7)-cannonball sit- back sit left leg up high next to ear. Beautiful performance. Glad she didn't quit skating.

Blake Rosenthal: yellow and pale orange halter dress. 3z2t. fast skater. 3f landed and fell. flying sit to broken leg-crouching. change edge spiral in Biellmann position to regular position. grabs left leg up high going backwards. 2x fall. footwork with speed. Layback to Biellmann (18). flying camel- back sit with change of edge-grabs left leg up- broken leg sit. I think Karen Kwan skated to this music before- slow and mournful sounding violin piece. Faster upbeat music would've highlighted her speed and strengths better instead of ending on a down note.

Michelle Boulos: periwinkle-greyish halter dress. 3z fall. 3t big. big flying sit with bent leg-crouching, fast. camel with change edge(6)- sit broken leg- back sit with change of edge, fast. footwork nicely choreographed. change edge spiral in Biellmann to regular position. back spiral with torso down. 2x. cheers. Layback to Biellmann(18) fast. Great spins and poise.

Taylor Firth: white camisole top and black pants. change edge spiral to a catchfoot position- grabs left leg up high going backwards. nice flow over the ice. 3f turnout 2t. Layback to catchfoot(20) slowed down. split falling leaf, pops salchow. arabian to back sit -crouching. 2axel, tilted in air, fall. footwork to the jazzy music ("Chicago"?). manages to smile throughout. camel with change of edge, slow-sit to cannonball-back sit change edge- grabs left leg up high. Musical and enjoyable to watch.

Meghan Williams-Stewart: dark purple halter dress with magenta rhinestones. 3flip, tight curve on landing. "Chocolat." 3lp-2t. Layback to catchfoot(18)-perfectly centered. spread eagle to 2x, applause. forward outside to inside change edge spiral to catchfoot position. grabs left leg up going backwards. footwork, good ice coverage. back camel back sit change edge leg up- forward broken leg sit, could be faster. flying back sit with change of edge pancake(10). nice solid performance, 3loop done with ease.

Meghan DIOTALEVI: 2x step out. 3s slight 2-footed-2t. 3lp fall.

Joelle FORTE: 3t2t. 2x. 3s. great solid performance!

Melissa BULANHAGUI: Pink Panther. 3z2t. 3f badly 2-footed. big 2axel pointing at the judges on the landing. Energetic with fast spins.

Crystal KIANG: bad 2 foot on 3z. slowed down to 3loop, 2-footed-2lp. slowed down to 2x.

Jenna ADAMS: single axel. 3t fall. 3f fall.

1. Hacker
2. Forte
3. Bugaeva
4. Williams Stewart
5. Bulanhagui
6. Roth
7. Houston


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Thank you so much for your reports!
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