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Eastern Sectionals Senior Ladies FS

Meghan Diotalevi: aqua halter dress. 2x. 2s. 2lp2lp. flying sit(11) fast. "East of Eden." 2lp. 2s. 2x fall. footwork slow.

Lisa Yee: "Dr. Zhivago." white sleeveless with pale blue. 2x landed on 2 feet. 3s2t. 2f. 2z2t. 2f2t. 2z. 2lp. layback to catchfoot(12). Charlotte. split falling leaf.

Crystal Kiang: 2z. 3lp two-footed-2lp. 2x underrotated and stumbled out. 2f. 3t two-footed. 2x two-footed. 2x two-footed. 2z-lp. Layback to Biellmann(18).

Jenna Adams: 2x. 3t fall. 2x2t. walley, 2flutz. 2f2t. gorgeous high spiral, back spiral in Y position. 2x on curved landing. single lutz-2t. Layback to catchfoot(15).

Elizabeth Stern: black halter unitard. 3s 2-footed-2t held onto landing. 2x2lp. 2z2lp2lp.

Taylor Firth: magenta-rose sleeveless. “Romeo & Juliet.” 3f2t. big 3f. 3t hops to 2x! footwork, musical. back sit with change of edge to pancake w/twist(10+). 3lp landed without flow. split falling leaf. 2x. flying back sit changes edge cannonball-sit with twist. 3t put free foot down. 3s2t, lots of cheers. forward change edge spiral to catchfoot, lifts left leg up high. butterfly to back sit-cannonball-pancake. camel with change edge(7)-sit-back sit with change of edge-grabs left leg up near ear. Great performance, much better than the short program.


Jessica Houston: sleeveless, black and turquoise sequins. Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto No. 2. 3f, to cheers. 3lp2t. 3s2t2lp, not much flow on landing. flying camel to back sit to cannonball-forward A spin-upright, slow. change edge spiral to catchfoot- back Y spiral. 3lp, stumbles out. 3t2t. back pancake up hight-upright forward spin, needs speed. 2x 2-footed. pops toe loop. back camel(3)-back crouching to twisted position. footwork. flying back sit w/change edge- cannonball sit-pancake.

Blake Rosenthal: pale pink sleeveles. pops lutz, comes out forward on toe loop. 3f fall. flying camel (4)-back sit w/change edge leg up-broken leg sit-upright, slowed down. 3t. 2x. 3s two-footed. 2x. 2x, bad fall on stomach. flying back sit-forward broken leg. change edge spiral in nice Biellmann to reg. position, high. grabs left leg up going backwards. 2z2t, turns on landing. Layback to Biellmann (20). footwork. flying broken leg sit-crouching, slowed down.

Juliana Cannarozzo: black halter dress. 3lp-2t. 2z. 3f hung on. flying camel(3)-back sit w/change edge-pancake catchfoot layback, good speed. 3lp. Layback to catchfoot(17). 2t. change edge spiral in regular to catchfoot position. back Y spiral. 3t, cheers. flying camel- back sit-change edge- pancake-backscratch with arms behind head. 2x2t, more cheers. flying back sit w/change of edge pancake-crouching. footwork w/twizzles and speed.

Jamie Kim: red halter dress w/silver sequins. turns to popped salchow. big 2x to applause. 2x2t. flying sit to cannonball(10)-back sit change of edge. 2t2t hangs on. back camel with change of edge(4)-back sit w/twist- grabs left leg up high next to ear. pops salchow again. 2x fall. Layback catchfoot to Biellmann(21). 2f. change edge spiral in nice Biellmann position to forward Charlotte. backwards Y spiral. footwork with good flow and difficulty. camel with change of edge(6)- cannonball sit-back sit w/change of edge- grabs left leg up high.

Michelle Boulos: Layback to Biellmann(23), great speed and positions. 3lp. "Swan Lake." 3z turn out. 3t fall. flying broken leg sit, fast-crouching. toepicking movements. 2z stumbles forward. 3s almost falls but turns in a squatting position instead. ce spiral in Biellmann to regular position with low torso. 2x. back camel layover-back pancake-back Y spin. footwork with balletic arm movements. walley. 3t to applause. camel with change of edge(5)-sit-back sit with change of edge -back Y.

Stephanie Roth: "Pirates of the Caribbean." 2t2t. walley. big 3s. big 2x. big 2x. big 3t. 3s2t. 2x2t. Great performance for her!

Melissa Bulanhagui: burgundy sleeveless. big 2x. 2x. 3z2t! 3s. 3f quickly put free foot down. 3z two-footed. 3t2t. footwork to 2x. fast footwork with the wiggling Dick Button likes. great spring up into her jumps, fast spins.

Jane Bugaeva: beige-burgundy sleeveless. 3f came out forward. 3z. footwork. 2lp. back camel with change of edge to bent free leg(9)-sit-Y spin. 2x. axel. 3t. flying sit to broken leg sit-back sit with change of edge to pancake. footwork with lunge and twizzles, well-choreographed. 3s stumble out. flying back sit with change of edge to pancake-catchfoot camel to upright. change edge spiral to catchfoot. back spiral in catchfoot position. 3t turned around-2t. flying camel, changes edge-pancake-upright.

Katrina Hacker: purple camisole dress. footwork. 3t2t2lp. 3s2lp. hesitates to 3lp. fback sit to change edge cannonball. 3t. footwork with speed. back sit change edge-cannonball-broken leg sit, fast. forward spiral. 3s. change edge spiral in Y position to high free leg position. back spiral in catchfoot. 2x. camel w/change edge cannonball sit-back sit change edge-back Y with leg up high. 2x2t. Layback to catchfoot(23) fast.

Joelle Forte: pale blue camisole dress. 3lp2t. 2z. 3t2t. flying sit cannonball-crouching-slowed down. Ina Bauer to 2x. Layback to catchfoot(22). "Miss Saigon." change edge spiral to catchfoot. back spiral holding leg in front. pops salchow. 3t with big smile. back camel change edge-back cannonball sit, too slow & fell out of spin. footwork. Ina Bauer to popped salchow. camel changes edge, nice position-cannonball sit-layback back sit change edge-grabs left leg up high in front.

Megan Williams Stewart: beige and light brown sleeveless dress. big 2x. 3z tilts forward but holds on. not much choreo. 3lp2t2lp. broken leg sit, fast to crouching. Layback to catchfoot (17), slowed down. 3f sat down. change edge spiral with low leg to catchfoot. back spiral grabbing leg in front. 3s holds onto curved landing. spread eagle to 2x2t. butterfly to back sit to back upright. footwork. pops loop. back camel-back sit changes edge-forward broken leg sit.

Top Finishers:
Williams Stewart


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I'll put them up as soon as they are published. They aren't up yet. The event just ended a few minutes ago.
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