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Eastern Sectionals Senior Men's SP

I missed the 1st group due to volunteering. In order of skating:

Derrick Delmore: big 3x. 3z. 3f2t. footwork with lots of arm movements. “Malaguena.” camel-layover-sit-sideways layback-back camel-back sit-back upright. more footwork with good speed. flying back sit with twist to pancake that really slowed down, and he stepped out of it into his ending pose (17). Someone in the audience yelled, “We love you!”

Jason Wong: grey longsleeved bodysuit. nice speed to spread eagle to big 3x, tilted forward on landing. 3z, stumbles out. fbs pancake (15+ revs). "Paint It Black." edgework. 3s2t. cannonball sit (11 revs.) back sit with change of edge to pancake, slowed down. More footwork with some cheering from audience. camel with change of edge- back sit- back upright to back scratch- nice positions.

Shaun Rogers: grey long sleeved top with black. 4t leans forward-3t, lots of cheers. big 3x. footwork. big 2flip. back sit with change of edge (13)-cannonball, fast. camel with change of edge (4)-sit- hop to back spin, could be faster. straightline footwork with speed. flying back sit with change of edge (16) to crouching.


Mark McLeod: grey ombre long-sleeved shirt. 2x. 3t fall, slides into boards. 2s. footwork. back camel with nice position. footwork. camel(3)- sit(3)-upright-back sit-grabs left leg up. back sit(7)-forward sit, slow.

Brad Vigorito: long-sleeved burgundy shirt with rhinstones. "Tosca" starts playing and he goes over to the judges. turns to 3lp, fall. 3f fall. Plushenko's LP violin music (the one that was composed for him). 2x. flying camel-change edge catchfoot. footwork, needs more speed. back camel-back sit with change edge-back upright-cannonball sit, flops out on the exit. footwork. back sit with change edge-forward sit to cannonball. He did a great 3-jump combo in the warm-up that included a 3lp-2lp.

Parker Pennington: black shirt with rose ruffles oddly tacked onto the length of it down to his pants. 3f-3t, great! good speed. 3x fall. did a nice one in warm-up. 3z, big. flying back sit to cannonball with change of edge. footwork with speed. camel with change of edge(8)-cannon sit-fast back sit with change of edge-grabs left leg up in front, fast. more footwork with speed, well-choreographed. fast back sit cannonball forward sit cannonball. Great skating skills and spins as usual, but should get a better costume. He is now being coached by Audrey Weisiger and a man I don't recognize.

David Mueller: short sleeved black mock T-neck shirt w/gold design and black pants, black gloves. bs cannonball-pancake- forward sit to cannonball-crouching, fast and low positions. 2x. camel with change of edge(6)-sit, fast, to donut-back sit back pancake, good speed except in camel. Tara Lipinski scooting around footwork. knee slide, turning. footwork. 3s two-footed-2t. 3t comes out on 2 feet. footwork. flying forward sit to cannon-crouching (10, fast).

Traighe Rouse: silver and black long-sleeved shirt reminiscent of MC Hammer circa 1989. 3flip2t. back sit to fast forward sit w/broken leg. good speed. 3z fall, slides into boards. camel with change edge, slow- jump to back sit with bent leg-corkscrew, needs more speed. footwork, nice. 2x. flying back sit- back broken leg to pancake, fast.

1. Tommy Steenburg
2. Derrick Delmore
3. Parker Pennington
4. Shaun Rogers


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