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Jim Webb's Blind Spot

Posted by andrew on September 17th, 2006

It turns out Jim Webb, Virginia's Democratic candidate for the U.S. Senate, has the same blind spot regarding Asian Americans that his opponent Sen. George Allen has. Today in a studio debate on Meet the Press, Webb reiterated his argument that whites, Latino/as, and Asian Americans are on a level playing field, and that diversity programs should benefit only African Americans:

African Americans are the only ethnic group in this country that have suffered from deliberate discrimination and exclusion by the government over generations. When this program expanded to the present-day diversity programs, where essentially every ethnic group other than Caucasians are included, then that becomes state-sponsored racism.

This is stuff and nonsense, of course -- and all the more inexcusable from the husband of an Asian American woman.

Tying in Windows Vista

Posted by andrew on September 15th, 2006

The European Commission's competition directorate is publicly warning Microsoft against extending its practice of bundling security software features into Windows, raising the possibility of an antitrust challenge to the planned introduction of Windows Vista in 2007.

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An examination of the legal and technological structures that keep almost all of us voiceless, by Prof. Andrew Chin (who?) at the University of North Carolina School of Law and Prof. Jay Kesan at the University of Illinois College of Law

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