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Facebook Should Go Public With Privacy Practices

Posted by andrew on May 18th, 2012

FacebookIf Facebook’s May 18 initial public offering succeeds in achieving a $90 billion valuation for the social network, each of Facebook’s 900 million users can take pride in contributing $100 toward the company’s fortunes. If you’re a user, Facebook’s founder and 28 per cent owner Mark Zuckerberg should consider you his friend. How many of your Facebook friends have enriched you by as much as $28?

Facebook users would also be well advised to think of Zuckerberg as a Facebook friend. No matter how closely users may choose to guard their profiles and postings, they have no choice but to allow Facebook to access and store every piece of information they put on the site. Facebook has the access privileges enjoyed by their best friends, and then some.

Zuckerberg undoubtedly has better things to do with his time than spy on Facebook’s users. But users should be aware that they’re sharing information with a friend whose prime directive is to use that information to generate as much wealth for Facebook's shareholders as he can.

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