Post details: The First Asian American President?

The First Asian American President?

Posted by andrew on February 28th, 2008

Barack Obama in traditional Somalian costumeWe're starting to see some of the first glimpses of the GOP strategy against Obama for the November election, and it isn't pretty. As Talking Points Memo summarizes (Youtube video -- relevant section starts at about 2:30 in), the real attack is going to focus on four falsehoods:

-- Obama is a Black nationalist
-- Obama is a crypto-Muslim
-- Obama has ties to terrorists
-- Obama is anti-American

Socially conscious Asian Americans should find this litany very familiar. For "Black nationalist," read "clannish and cliquish." For "crypto-Muslim" read "dog-eating, foot-binding male chauvinists." For "ties to terrorists" read "spies for communist China." For "anti-American" read "perpetual foreigners who can never be real Americans."

Obama may have succeeded in downplaying racial issues thus far in the campaign, but this summer and fall, he will be up against nothing less than the full arsenal of racial animus and oppression that constrains the Asian American experience. Our experience should warn us about just how durable and insidious these attacks can be. Let's hope he overcomes, and in doing so, shows us all the way forward.

Addendum (10/1): Jeff Yang has similar thoughts.

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Comment from: Nameless [Visitor]
Does this really describe the GOP's strategy toward Senator Obama? Or just somebody's impression of what the GOP strategy is going to look like? It would be pretty shameful if the Republican leadership were really making these statements. But as it is, it is the other side who's formulating the thoughts and then attributing them prospectively.
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Comment from: andrew [Member]
I wonder if you actually watched the video all the way through (from the 2:30 mark onward). Josh Marshall clearly states that he expects the dirt to be dished by 527 groups and surrogates like Bill Cunningham, while McCain and the Republican leadership remain above the fray.
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